NETFLIX Genre: Argentinian Movies

Netflix box art for Carancho Carancho
2010 / 3.1 / 102
Cc Hd

A car accident on the streets of Argentina brings together a dedicated doctor tending to the injured and a smooth-talking, ambulance-chasing lawyer. After the cars crash, she heals their wounds and he bleeds their wallets dry. It's love on first impact.

Netflix box art for Nine Queens Nine Queens
2000 / 109

Two grifters try to sell counterfeit stamps for a hefty sum, but the process is made more stressful when one of the con men's sister becomes involved. Two thieves have a long to-do list before they make a fortune in a day. Trusting each other might be toughest of all.

Netflix box art for XXY XXY
2007 / 3.4 / 90

An intersexed child who's been living as a girl begins exploring her sexual orientation in her teen years, meeting both hostility and compassion.