NETFLIX Genre: Asian Horror

Netflix box art for Helldriver Helldriver
2010 / 112

Featuring outlandish special effects, this zombie thriller focuses on a teenage girl's efforts to dispatch her psychopathic cannibal mother and uncle. Cannibal zombies vs. humans. In a wild survival battle, a teen is the secret weapon. The target: her psycho-zombie mom!

Netflix box art for The Host Host, The
2006 / 3.3 / 119
Cc Hd

A mutant creature has developed from toxic chemical dumping. When the monster scoops up the granddaughter of a snack-bar owner, he races to save her.

Netflix box art for Macabre Macabre
2009 / 3.3 / 95

A man and his pregnant wife pick up a distraught young hitchhiker, who leads the couple to her isolated house -- where a gruesome ordeal awaits them.

Netflix box art for One Missed Call One Missed Call
2003 / 112

Possessed cell phones predict their owners' deaths. One by one, Yumi's friends receive calls on their cell phones from themselves in the future. Cell phones are supposed to be convenient, but these are downright deadly. Stick to writing letters.

Netflix box art for Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night
2010 / 3.0 / 90

After a Japanese student visits America, she returns home to discover that an evil entity has traveled with her and is intent on harming her family. Strange and scary things keep a family up at night. But the time has come for them to face their demons.