NETFLIX Genre: Baseball Movies

Netflix box art for Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
2002 / 92

When Andrea joins her school's baseball team, golden retriever Buddy follows suit. Meanwhile, two scheming scientists are dognapping Buddy's puppies. A baseball-playing pooch faces the game of his life. But a treacherous raccoon dognaps his precocious pups.

Netflix box art for The Bad News Bears Bad News Bears, The
1976 / 102

Walter Matthau stars as beer-guzzling Morris Buttermaker, a former minor-league hurler roped into coaching a losing team of half-pint misfits. A coach with a drinking problem. A Little League team with a losing problem. Better find a secret weapon ... fast.

Netflix box art for Home Run Home Run
2013 / 113

To cure his drinking problem, pro baseball star Cory Brand returns to his hometown and begins coaching a Little League team as part of his rehab. A fallen hero with a checkered past swings for the fences. Thanks to his newest protégés, the future's looking bright.