NETFLIX Genre: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Netflix box art for The Andromeda Strain Andromeda Strain, The
1971 / 131

When a satellite crashes in New Mexico, it unleashes a deadly alien virus that kills all but two residents of a small town. Small-town USA is ground zero for a new kind of terror. A brave team of scientists marches into the invisible storm.

Netflix box art for A Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange, A
1971 / 136

A young man spends his time stealing, raping and beating innocent people in nihilistic orgies of violence, all in an attempt to get his nightly kicks. The government thinks it has the cure for his sadistic hobbies. But it's hard to keep a good sociopath down.

Netflix box art for The Monkey's Uncle Monkey's Uncle, The
1965 / 3.0 / 91
Cc Hd

A genius student adopts a chimp and devises a method for teaching him complex information, then uses him to save the school's football reputation. A brainiac, a girl and a chimp. Add an all-nighter and a flying bike and you've got a million dollar grant -- maybe.

Netflix box art for Moon Pilot Moon Pilot
1962 / 98

Ready to be the first astronaut to orbit the moon, a man finds himself being followed by a strange woman who seems to know everything about him. A hapless astronaut is ready to be part of the 1960s space race -- until a mystery woman puts stars in his eyes.