NETFLIX Genre: Crime Movies based on real life

Netflix box art for Get Rich or Die Tryin' Get Rich or Die Tryin'
2005 / 3.5 / 116

Determined to leave his criminal days behind, an inner-city drug dealer pursues rap music, but the aspiring artist runs into tough times. An urban drug kingpin sees hip-hop as a way out of his dangerous career choice. Can he escape his violent past?

Netflix box art for GoodFellas GoodFellas
1990 / 145

This gripping gangster opus follows real-world mobster Henry Hill, who dreamed of making it big but landed in the Witness Protection Program instead. A guy who grew up idolizing gangsters dives into the mob lifestyle. Rule No. 1: Never rat on your friends.

Netflix box art for In the Valley of Elah In the Valley of Elah
2006 / 116

When an exemplary soldier disappears after returning from Iraq, his concerned father works with a gutsy police detective to investigate. His soldier son is missing, and this father won't let it go. Even if it means unearthing some very dirty secrets.

Netflix box art for Trade Trade
2007 / 114

A desperate teenager from Mexico turns to a jaded Texas lawman to help him rescue his kidnapped younger sister before she's sold into sexual slavery. A teen and a cop search for a stolen girl. But the sexual slavery racket is well-hidden ... and time's running out.