NETFLIX Genre: Heist Movies

Netflix box art for Bad Santa 2 Bad Santa 2
2016 / 92

Sad-sack Santa Willie Soke isn't known for doing the right thing. Now, with help from his mom, he's about to take his act to a whole new level of bad. Willie Soke is back for a shameless caper. There will be booze. There will be bad words. There will be blood relatives.

Netflix box art for Empire State Empire State
2012 / 93

When a wannabe cop working for an armored car company tells a friend about the firm's lax security, he gets drawn into a scheme to pull an inside job. An inside job with 11 million dollars on the line. His motives are noble. His actions are criminal.

Netflix box art for Getaway Plan Getaway Plan
2016 / 104

Professional burglar and blowtorch expert VĂ­ctor is recruited by the Russian mafia to break into a vault as part of an elaborate bank heist.

Netflix box art for House of the Rising Sun House of the Rising Sun
2011 / 3.0 / 87

A former cop with a criminal past finds himself at the center of a violent robbery that exposes secrets he's worked hard to keep hidden. A murder he couldn't stop makes him a target. Fists, feet, brains ... he'll use everything he's got -- even friends.

Netflix box art for The Lookout Lookout, The
2007 / 3.4 / 98
Cc Hd

Chris Pratt is a down-and-out janitor with memory problems, who is recruited by a gang of bank robbers who are planning a heist. When you're robbing a bank, you might not want the guy with memory loss to be your lookout. Just sayin'.

Netflix box art for The Maiden Heist Maiden Heist, The
2008 / 90

When a new museum curator starts shipping out their favorite pieces, museum security guards Roger, Charles and George hatch a plan to steal them. They've guarded these priceless paintings for years. Why not take them home? For safekeeping, of course.

Netflix box art for Metro Metro
1997 / 117

A wisecracking, unorthodox hostage negotiator is paired with a brainy SWAT sniper to track a killer through the streets of San Francisco. The best hostage negotiator on the force meets his match in a ruthless thief: He'll kill to get what he wants.

Netflix box art for Mortdecai Mortdecai
2015 / 107

Urbane and sophisticated Lord Charlie Mortdecai is an aristocrat, but he's also a broke, bumbling art swindler who has just crossed the Russian mob. He's a swinging art dealer turned international man of intrigue. Madcap capers really curl his mustache.

Netflix box art for Safe Safe
2012 / 94

A former cage fighter's rescue of an abducted 12-year-old girl pits them both against Triad gangs, the Russian Mafia and a bunch of corrupt cops. The mafia. The Yakuza. The law. They all want it. One ex-cop will risk all to see they never get it.

Netflix box art for Snatch Snatch
2000 / 102

A gangster transporting a stolen gem inadvertently triggers a slew of events that wends through the worlds of bookies, bare-knuckle boxing and swine. Gangsters. Bookies. Brawlers. Everyone wants to get their hands on the stone. Why can't anyone hang onto it?

Netflix box art for Stolen Stolen
2012 / 95

A master thief is ready to leave his criminal past behind. But when his daughter is kidnapped, he's forced to pull off one last heist. Eight years ago, an ex-thief burned the evidence. Now his psycho partner wants it back... or his daughter's dead.

Netflix box art for Transit Transit
2012 / 87

Two murderous bank robbers, who've used a suburban family as unwitting couriers for their multi-million dollar heist, will do anything to reclaim it. Unaware of a stash of cash in their SUV, a family attracts unwanted attention. And a tense car trip turns deadly.